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Press Releases

icon Titta Tani

userGuzdan | date13.7.2018 07:00 | viewsread: 38× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/1ab33b86-2e34-4d5a-962b-7ad740834f08.jpgTitta Tani (Claudio Simonetti’ GOBLIN drummer and singer of ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ) formed new band called EHFAR (Everything Happens For a Reason)

icon Tamirel - You And The World

userGuzdan | date12.7.2018 20:21 | viewsread: 35× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/984e85d6-6436-4651-9967-d77bead14765.jpgBand: Tamirel

icon GRAVESHADOW Unveils Music Video For New Song 'Warchief'

userGuzdan | date11.7.2018 09:33 | viewsread: 36× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/c5ac66e8-a45c-4c34-9410-8f7577ca5988.jpgSymphonic Metal Quintet GRAVESHADOW Unveils Music Video For New Song 'Warchief'


userGuzdan | date10.7.2018 20:13 | viewsread: 31× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/Promo2.jpgNOCONTROL prichádzajú s neobvyklým videoklipom. 

icon 4 Wall Circus

userGuzdan | date9.7.2018 11:00 | viewsread: 51× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/5ed36d20-7188-4938-8a6a-a551a8f2988b.jpgAussie Hard Rockers 4 WALL CIRCUS signs with Sliptrick records

icon Hate War Love

userGuzdan | date8.7.2018 21:01 | viewsread: 52× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/c622645f-baab-4459-bf61-b1eb6c79bbc4(1).jpgAncient Oak Consort come back to the scenes with the third album “Hate War Love” that will be out on may 18th. The album is a majestic opera of 17 tracks that mix prog rock/metal and the chamber music with Mediterranean Folk influences inspired by great composers like Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota.

icon AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY “Artemisia” Official Videoclip

userGuzdan | date7.7.2018 10:23 | viewsread: 86× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/956a2aa9-7552-4088-93b6-27f3eb028ac1.jpgThe Symphonic Metal band Afterlife Symphony, have released the i a brand new video for single "Artemisia", the imposing opening track of the upcoming album "Lympha" out on march 30th via Revalve records.

icon ALPHASTATE Intensify Their Sound With ‘The Grind’

userGuzdan | date6.7.2018 11:42 | viewsread: 46× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/d65808b8-00fa-41e8-81bd-97d7d7d93a40.jpgWith the new album from Greek metalists Alphastate, The Grind, the band wanted to take a more modern and aggressive approach musically. They deliver this with very loud and distinctive guitars, a more modern production with the vocals pushed upfront and drums that punch through the sound. In the lyrics, they have included more personal thoughts and experiences so that The Grind will be the groups most personnel release and sonically their best so far. Alphastate have made an album of pure aggression along with the best songs they have ever written.

icon AVELION "Echoes And Fragments"

userGuzdan | date5.7.2018 10:43 | viewsread: 30× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/1d259dea-b849-450f-b342-20565ce4f97d.jpgAVELION launched new video "Echoes And Fragments" [The Algorithm Remix] 4K

icon MetalCraft "All For One"

userGuzdan | date3.7.2018 21:32 | viewsread: 56× | commentscomments: 0
/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/MetalCraft_Video_Team.jpgZbrusu nové video kapely MetalCraft "All For One" je zároveň i polotním singlem k připravovanému CD, které z důvodu personální změny na postu kytary a rozšíření z kvarteta na kvintet očekávejte na podzim 2018.