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Press Releases

icon SamadhiSitaram launched "Leitmotiv of KaliYuga" video:

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/d4bcf4e4-af2c-48e5-9f35-09744cd6ccab.jpg"Initially, the introduction on the second album was conceived as classic. But later metal texture was added there, though an idea to make a classic composition hasn't leaved our minds. So, please check our new track in classic!"

icon Blitzkrieg release "Reign Of Fire" today!

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/a2f69b66-b13a-49a5-80a2-28384133806b.jpgFor fans of NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg the long wait for new material is finally over.  Today the single and video for the comeback "Reign Of Fire" is released on all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Youtube etc.). 

icon IRON ANGEL - Hellbound albums details & video teaser

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/3e84cc65-1917-491a-a1ff-43cf0396a04f.jpgIRON ANGEL is one of the true cult legends of the German Speed Metal genre. Now the time has finally come for the long awaited come-back album from IRON ANGEL - the first studio album in over 30 years! "Hellbound" will be released as a big priority on the 4th of May 2018 worldwide through Scandinavia's premiere metal-rock label Mighty Music. 

icon SEBASTIEN "Act Of Creation"

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/SEBASTIEN_2018.jpgSkupina SEBASTIEN zveřejňuje třetí a poslední singl před celosvětovým vydáním nového alba "Act Of Creation"! 

icon Onydia use Musicraiser to fund their Debut album 'A new safe Path'.

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/51f3659a-671b-47b0-90b5-ec415abf414e.jpg“It would be fantastic to share our art with you. We truly hope it will reflect the beauty, greatness and the humility in all of us. And Also offer strong contrast to the hash and saddening reality of wars and the commercialization of everything”.

icon Cypecore announce new album

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/CYPECCORE_official_pic_4_Fotocredit_Gregor_Dold_und_Sebastian_Selg_1000px-300dpi.jpgGERMANY`s Sci-Fi Metal-Band CYPECORE announce new album and tour!

icon Brutal Assault 2018

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/Brutal_Assault_black_update.jpgMARDUK, MORTIIS, BELPHEGOR nebo MALOKARPATAN na BA 2018!

icon Heretic’s Dream – A Price To Pay

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/RF.jpgHERETIC’S DREAM Release Single & Official Video For ‘A Price To Pay’

icon SEBASTIEN - nový videoklip "Winner"

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/Sebastien_01_logo.jpgKapela SEBASTIEN uveřejnila zbrusu nový videoklip ke skladbě "Winner"! Natáčelo se v QWERT Boxing Klubu v Plzni pod taktovkou Spark TV a režiséra Davida Havleny (pracoval mimo jiné pro CITRON, KREYSON, či DORO PESCH). 

icon GODWATT "Necropolis"

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/files/images/tiskove-zpravy/bfc62231-62e0-473a-837f-a3dd8c8f7b5a.jpg1. NECROPOLIS