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Interprets - Dying Passion - Track listing

Sweet Disillusions (2004)

Dying Passion/Sweet Disillusions
Song Of Liberty
Velvet confessions
From them
Do you want to fly
Tender renown
Summer dream
Him Faraway
Within reach
High On The Blind Speed
Sweet Disillusions
A Long Night (Accustic) (Bonus)
Microcosmos (Accustic) (Bonus)

Dying Passion - Sweet Disillusions (2006-01-07) taken over

Rock/doom, Metal Breath Productions, 22. 10. 2004, Total time: 46:30

I eluded this review for a long time and I postponed it for a long time, but at the same time I was looking forward for it. I was looking forward for it, because it is really a great music and I eluded it because of two causes. First (that doesn’t burn me very much) is that this music isn’t metal as a matter of fact, it’s more like some hardly definable hard rock or something like that. Definitely the general classification as doom metal I don’t see as very right. Well and the second case is that I suffer from fixed idea that the reviewer, ergo critic, should look for bugs in any musical work and should criticize something. But in my opinion there’s nothing to rebuke to this CD.

I’ve met the band Dying Passion for several times on live show already and their live shows are almost as excellent as the CD. Great combination of keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and fascinating singing. In addition the band uses at gigs also second vocal played from minidisc (hell, can anybody tell me how do they time it with the music???).

Well as for the CD... The CD contains 10 songs that mostly flow in middle till slow tempo. Beautiful full symphonic and variable music. Some parts are very unrestrained, as f.e. From Them or High On The Blind Speed and in the next moment the atmosphere flows into slow sorrowful melancholy, f.e. the title song Sweet Disillusions. I don’t remember that I’d listen to such emotive music recently, if ever.

The instrumental line-up is such as mentioned above, but on the CD appear a lot of various, sometimes very untypical, instruments like for example trumpets and such. But they don’t sound any purposeless and are in a great way composed into the music, so that they even raise the overall impression of the whole CD. Regrettably I can’t, though I try as I can, tell if these instruments were recorded live in the studio or if it’s electronic. (Additional correction: After releasing this review I got the information from the band Dying Passion that all the wind instruments, in the concrete trumpet, clarinet and sax, were recorded live in the studio. Thanks for correction and I add again - hats off!

As for the musical skills of particular musicians, I couldn’t even here poke out some negative observation. It’s simply audible that Dying Passion are very experienced, skilful and talented musicians.

But separate paragraph deserves the singing. In my opinion this is the main element that trowels the whole music together and gives it the amazing charge. Really I like the voice of Zuzka Lípová very much. Very pleasant, variable and colorful. I also have to compliment to her for a very good English pronunciation, which isn’t very common thing in our metal waters.

Well, I’ll leave the praising, I’ll tell it shortly. I take Sweet Disillusions for a top work, on which I failed to find any major bug. And in spite of that, that I listen to the CD all the time recently, I didn’t pall on it till now. Don’t let it slip definitely!!!

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