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Entropy Coding

Entropy Coding/-
Tales Of The Moon 2018  R
Genre:Symphonic Progressive Metal
Origin:Rome, Lazio - Italy
Active:still active

Born in the 2015, Entropy Coding is a band created by the keyboardist and main composer Susanna Coltrč. 
The main purpose of this project is to reinterpret in a new way the symphonic metal genre, 
using prog and power metal elements with innovative voices. 
She needed to collaborate with 10 musicians, specialized in different musical genres. 
Then, the meeting with the music producer Gianmarco Bellumori, owner of Agoge Records. 
He brought a new original and personal sound to the album, during the work at the Wolf Recording Studio. 
In this way, Tales of the Moon has come to life.
In January 2018, the debut album “Tales of the Moon” will be out with the music label Agoge Records