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A Day To Remember Metalcore/Hardcore/Pop-punk USA
Arakain Power/Thrash Metal Czech Republic
Bastard Hard & Heavy Czech Republic
Burning In Hell Power Metal Brazil
Children Of Bodom Melodic Death/Power Metal Finland
Citron Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Czech Republic
Derdian Power Metal Italy
Drakkar Power Metal Italy
Elvenking folk/power metal Italy
Endless Main Power Metal Slovakia
Eufory Heavy/Power Metal Slovakia
Exlibris Heavy Metal Poland
Firewind Heavy/Power Metal Greece
Gracchus Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Switzerland
Guns N' Roses Hard rock/Heavy metal USA
Imortela Melodic Heavy Metal Czech Republic
Kreyson Power Metal Czech Republic
Lonewolf Speed/Heavy Metal France
Mercyful Fate Traditional Heavy Metal/Black Metal Denmark
MetalCraft Heavy Metal Czech Republic
Moravius Power Metal Czech Republic
Pant Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Czech Republic
Primal Fear Speed/Power Metal Germany
Razor Heavy Speed Metal Canada
Revoltons Power/Thrash Metal Italy
Ripio Heavy Metal Argentina
Rusty Fox Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Czech Republic
Slayer Thrash Metal USA
Sorrows Path Power/Doom Metal Greece
Steel Seal Power Metal Italy