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A Day To Remember Metalcore/Hardcore/Pop-punk USA
Accept Heavy Power Metal Germany
Alchemist Power/Thrash Metal Czech Republic
Alestorm Folk/Power Metal United Kingdom
Alieson Melodic Power Metal Japan
Ancient Bards Symphonic Power Metal Italy
Angra Power/Progressive Metal Brazil
Arakain Power/Thrash Metal Czech Republic
Armored Saint Heavy Power Speed Metal, Hard rock USA
Arrayan Path Epic Power Metal USA
Bast Heavy Metal Czech Republic
Bastard Hard & Heavy Czech Republic
Black Sabbath Heavy/Traditional, Doom Metal United Kingdom
Blind Guardian Power/Speed Metal Germany
Bloodbound Heavy/Power Metal Sweden
Burning In Hell Power Metal Brazil
Cardiant Power Metal Finland
Celesty Epic Power Metal Finland
Children Of Bodom Melodic Death/Power Metal Finland
Chinchilla Power Metal Germany
Citron Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Czech Republic
Dark Moor Power Metal Spain
Dead Daniels Southern Metal Czech Republic
Def Leppard Hard Rock, Pop Rock United Kingdom
Derdian Power Metal Italy
Drakkar Power Metal Italy
Dream Evil Heavy/Power Metal Sweden
Dream Theater Progressive Metal USA
Eagleheart Power Metal Czech Republic
Edguy Power Metal Germany