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T.H.E. Sacrament Gothic Metal Russia
Tarchon Fist Heavy Metal Italy
Tarja Turunen Symphonic Gothic Metal Finland
Tearless Gothic Metal Croatia
Tears Of Magdalena Symphonic Gothic Metal Finland
Teräsbetoni Power Metal Finland
Testament Thrash Metal USA
Tetania Gothic Belarus
The Chant Atmospheric Rock Finland
The Fallacy Gothic Metal Chile
The Gang Hard Rock Slovakia
The Yours metal-classical Czech Republic
Theatre Of Tragedy Doom Death Gothic Metal, Rock Norway
Theatres des Vampires Melodic Black Gothic Metal Italy
Therion Symphonic Operatic Death Metal Sweden
Thundersteel Heavy/Speed Metal Serbia
Thunderstone Power Metal Finland
Tiamat Death Metal (early), Gothic/Atmospheric Metal/Rock (later) Sweden
Tiarra Gothic Metal Romania
Tigersclaw Symphonic Power metal Germany
Tisíc let od ráje Doom/Death/Gothic Metal Czech Republic
Titanic Heavy Metal Czech Republic
To Die For Gothic Metal Finland
Tragedian Melodic Power/Speed Metal Germany
Tragodia Gothic Metal Italy
Trail Of Tears Symphonic Black Gothic Metal Norway
Traktor Hard Rock - Heavy Czech Republic
Treason Thrash Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal United Kingdom
Tristania Gothic Metal Norway
True Symphonic Rockestra Symphonic Opera, Germany