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Zeitgeist Zero Alternative United Kingdom
Zavod Industrial Metal Sweden
Y and T Heavy Metal, Hard Rock USA
XIII století Gothic Rock Czech Republic
Xandria Gothic Metal Germany
Without Face Progressive Gothic Metal Hungary
Within Temptation Melodic Symphonic Gothic Metal Netherlands
Witchbreed Progressive Dark Metal Portugal
Witch Hammer Heavy Metal Czech Republic
Wintersun Symphonic Melodic Death Metal Finland
Winterstorm Power/Folk Metal Germany
Wildpath Symphonic Power Metal France
White Skull Power Metal Italy
Whispering Tales Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal France
When I Die Alternative Metal Slovakia
War for War Black Metal Czech Republic
W.A.S.P Heavy Metal USA
Voices Of Destiny Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal Germany
Vixen Hard Rock USA
Visions of Atlantis Melodic Symphonic Power Metal Austria
Violet Sun Symphonic Power Gothic Metal Italy
Vindex Heavy Metal Slovakia
Vilém Čok Rock Czech Republic
Vic Anselmo Gothic / Alternative Latvia
Via Mistica Doom/Gothic Metal Poland
Vhäldemar Power Metal Spain
Vanguard Symphonic Gothic Metal Finland
Van Canto Heavy Metal A Capella Germany
UnSun Gothic Metal Poland
Unshine Gothic Metal Finland