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(R)Evolution Metal / Gothic Russia
[HELL INC.] Groove/Thrash Metal Germany
69 Eyes Glam Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock Finland
A Day To Remember Metalcore/Hardcore/Pop-punk USA
Abonos Gothic Metal Serbia
Abrasantia Symphonic Metal Argentina
Absentia Symphonic Black/Death/Gothic Metal Spain
Abyssphere Melodic Doom Metal Russia
Accept Heavy Power Metal Germany
Ad Vacuum Atmospheric Gothic Metal France
Adastreia Symphonic Gothic Metal United Kingdom
Aerium Symphonic Gothic Metal Russia
Aesma Daeva Operatic Symphonic Metal USA
Aeternam Symphonic Folk Death Metal Canada
Aeternitas Symphonic Gothic Metal Germany
After Forever Symphonic Power Gothic Metal Netherlands
Agate Gothic Metal Norway
Age of Artemis Melodic Power Metal Brazil
Ageless Gothic/Atmospheric Metal Poland
Akoma Symphonic Gothic Metal Denmark
Alae Noctis Dark wave Spain
Alchemist Power/Thrash Metal Czech Republic
ALERG!E Hard rock-heavy Czech Republic
Alestorm Folk/Power Metal United Kingdom
Alieson Melodic Power Metal Japan
Alkonost Folk/Pagan/Doom/Black Metal Russia
Almora Symphonic Gothic Metal Turkey
Amaranthe Power/Melodic Death Metal Sweden
Amartia Gothic/Atmospheric Metal France
Amatris Gothic Metal Germany