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Armored Saint Heavy Power Speed Metal, Hard rock USA
London After Midnight Industrial Gothic Rock, Darkwave USA
Danzig Heavy Doom Metal, Rock Influences USA
Twisted Sister Heavy Glam Metal, Glam Hard Shock Rock USA
Flogging Molly Celtic Punk, Punk Folk Rock USA
Y and T Heavy Metal, Hard Rock USA
Emilie Autumn Victoriandustrial USA
Evanescence Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal USA
Quiet Riot Heavy Metal, Hard Rock USA
Rain Fell Within Atmospheric Melodic Symphonic Metal USA
Dream Theater Progressive Metal USA
Mephisto Walz Gothic Death Rock USA
Kamelot Melodic Power Metal USA
Fear Factory Industrial/Death Metal (early), Groove/Industrial Metal (later) USA
Testament Thrash Metal USA
Manowar Heavy/Power Metal USA
Killswitch Engage Metalcore USA
Metallica Thrash Metal (early) Modern Rock/Metal (later) USA
Dio Heavy Metal USA
Korn Nu metal USA
Type O Negative Gothic Metal with Alternative, Doom USA
Aesma Daeva Operatic Symphonic Metal USA
Pantera Glam/Heavy Metal (early) Groove Metal (later) USA
Megadeth Speed/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal/Rock (1990s) USA
Indigo Dying Melodic Hard Rock USA
Nox Arcana Dark Ambient, Gothic USA
A Day To Remember Metalcore/Hardcore/Pop-punk USA
Vixen Hard Rock USA
Slayer Thrash Metal USA
Guns N' Roses Hard rock/Heavy metal USA