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Advertising on Radio Gothic

                           The advertising prices on Radio Gothic


The price for one play of advertising spot in the length of 30s.

     Time range

       The price for a time range

  • 00-07h      0,5€
  • 07-15h      0,7€
  • 15-21h      1€
  • 21-24h      0,7€

      Coefficients of footage

         The length of advertising spot in seconds – price coefficient
  • 10s   0,6
  • 15s   0,7
  • 20s   0,8
  • 25s   0,9
  • 30s   1

(The prices for advertising spots on a cultural events are not according to the price list.)


The banner prices on Radio Gothic


Monthly=about 6000 views (views of banner)


Placement, size, price

  • The main page 745x100 – show only on the main page                           15€/monthly
  • The left menu, more than 300x150 – rotation across the entire site   11€/monthly
  • The left menu less than 100x150  – rotation across the entire site        8€/monthly

Radio Gothic tune min. 2.5 thousand listeners / week. (50kt.2015) Radio Gothic gets more and more listeners.


The listed options can be combined. In the case of using a combination of some type we offer quantity discounts. In the case of signing long-term contracts we offer significant discounts negotiated in relation to the time at which the advertising will be realized. Annual advertising contract - convenient for both parties.


Use the offer: The sponsorship message in the lenght of 6-10 seconds that sounds each time you tunr on the player.