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Princess Of The Dark 2017  R
Genre:Symphonic Power metal
Origin:Tuebingen - Germany
Active:still active




  • Vocals: Elena Minina (Moskow, Russia)

Soprano Singer at Opera in Moscow. Finalist of „Voice of Russia“ 2015
Various concerts/appearances at first Russian Television
Graduated University education as concert pianist and soprano singer at
the Gnesins‘ Academy of Music which is the Elite-Academy of Music in Russia

  • Composition, all Music/Instruments: Alexander Baier (Tuebingen, Germany)
  • Drums: Ralf Neumann (Tuebingen, Germany)

Arrangement of this this extraordinary constellation happened when Alexander Baier,
former guitarist in different bands in the past like Innocence. Silk'n'Steel, Antares etc. has been
searching for a skilled and exceptional female Voice. In his capacity as composer, texter,. songwriter
and multi-Instrumentalist of Tigersclaw he found Elena Minina’s extreme strong voice power by
means of social networks and a fortunate coincidence.
Elena and Alexander understood themselves musically at the first attempt. Same thoughts, same tune,
same feelings. So it has been an easy decision to start together a close musical collaboration.

Even the fact that of the geographical distance between Tuebingen and Moscow, in shortest time
emotional ballads, symphonic Powermetal-Tracks, sophisticated progressive, rhythmical interleaved
Songs have been created.

To get demanding, technical fine and challenging Drums Alexander contacted his former Drummer of
the Band Antares, Ralf Neumann. Together they worked on complicated Breaks and Rhythms and the
trio of musicians was completed. The result: 13 Songs of the Album „Princess of the Dark“ of the
Band Tigersclaw.

Alexander writes and composes all Songs and Lyrics, plays and records all Instruments in a German
Studios (Guitars, Basses, Synthesizers, Piano etc).
Then Ralf works on the Drum-parts plays and records them.
Elena sings and records her fantastic Voice and Vocals in an excellent Studio in Moscow.
Following this, the finished Voice-recordings are transferred to Germany where the complete mixing,
mastering and finalization takes place.

Elena Minina (Vocals) started her musical career in early childhood years as solist of a chirdren’s
choir in Moscow. Later Elena entered the professional music Gnesin school and graduated as a
pianist. Then after perfectly handed over examinations she was accepted in Russian Academy of
music, piano faculty. Graduated in 2009 with honors..
At the age of 14 years she started with a Professor of the Academy of Opera vocal and in 2012 she
received the second higher education - she graduated from Russian Academy of music as an Opera
Finalist of „Voice of Russia“ 2015. Participant of many TV shows and concert programs in Russia.
Elena is soloist of theatre "Gradsky hall" in Moscow, plays the main role in the Rock Opera of
"The Master and Margarita" and in the musical "The Last Trial”

Alexander Baier (Guitars, Piano, Bass, Synthesizers) played and toured in the 90’s in different,
mainly female fronted Bands, composes and writes all Songs of Tigersclaw and works since lots of
years in his Studio on various Projects.

Ralf Neumann (Drums) has been the former Drummer at the Band Antares together with Alexander,
they know and appreciate each other since lots of years. After their former musician time as collegues
Ralf tread new musical paths. Among others he recorded 2014 with the Band Infinity’s call the CD
2016 finally Tigersclaw as a second musical encounter took place.


Contact Tigersclaw:
A. Baier
Kusterdingerstr. 19
D – 72127 Jettenburg